A New Beginning

It is 2020 and now’s a great time to start from scratch. I’ve decided to move off of the hosted service and moved to a self-hosted instance. What this means for the site is the following:

  • I have direct control of the plugins we could be using on the site. This means we could install plugins for forums, let more users join the site to participate in the discussion, and have more folks contributing without paying for user account limit increases.
  • We can start funding the operations of the site through donations and sponsorships. This allows me and folks interested in helping out in accomplishing the mission to gather up some funding and ensure that we control the future of the site.
  • We can scale the effort from just one person writing, to multiple people jumping in and contributing.

We should start seeing improvements and new features as I get more details on what I’d like to see next. If you’d like to help out, please feel free to reach out via dean.berris at — I’m still getting up-to-speed on administering a WordPress site so please bear with me as I go through the motions.

Thanks for reading!