This program pushes you to keep up the studying, but it's also really flexible. It keeps track of your progress, and allows for a friendly study environment and the timed quizzes helped me better manage my time! 10/10 for VetTechPrep!
- Cassidy

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who makes VetTechPrep possible! I used it as my main study tool for my first attempt at the VTNE® a few weeks ago and I passed!! Just wanted you let you know about another success story and to keep doing what you're doing, and I told all of my fellow classmates to use this program! Thank you again!


I just want to say thank you to VetTechPrep. Without this program I would not have passed the test and be where I am in my career today. The program helped me track progress, showed me where I needed help most but mostly made me more confident to take the test. I love the career path I chose. I hope one day to become a veterinary technician teacher and help spread my knowledge to the future techs of our field.


I am happy to announce that I passed the VTNE®. Your program had a HUGE impact on my success. I am so very beyond pleased with what your program has to offer and would like to recommended it to all other candidates sitting for their license. Thank you again for all of your help.


Why Educators Choose VetTechPrep

VetTechPrep is a fabulous supplemental program! We have tried other VTNE prep solutions in the past with no luck. We are definitely satisfied with the results we have seen just in the two years we have been using VetTechPrep. I love the fact that I can monitor student progress and also be able to see where any weaknesses are. The majority of students that have utilized and completed VetTechPrep have passed the VTNE. Students often tell me the VetTechPrep program really helped to prepare them.

Melissa Stomberg, BS, RVT

Faculty, Colby Community College

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Our students did great! I am proud to say that for the fifth VTNE test window 100% of our grads passed! They love the program, the instructors love the prep course, and our pass rates have gone up since we started using it a couple years ago.

Nicki Brentin, LVT

Faculty, Pima Medical Institute - Renton Campus

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As an adjunct faculty member I designed a review course for the students but when it became necessary to find an alternative means for review as we had numerous distance externship students who were unable to attend, I came across VetTechPrep. After testing numerous review options, I found VetTechPrep to be the most comprehensive. The aspects I find most helpful for the students are the expanse of questions offered, the ease of use, and PowerPages.

Tricia Luddecke, BA, CVT

Faculty, Manor College

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I would do this program even if I'm not preparing. I don't think I could have passed without it. It gave me the confidence I needed to take the VTNE®. I did not know about the program until my institution offered it to me. I'm thankful they did. I'm in the process of starting my career with the goal of being in the field within a couple years to open a wildlife rescue. Thank you VetTechPrep for the tools and skills I needed to take such a hard test. You guys ROCK.


I enjoyed using VTP. It was easy to use and gave me multiple ways of studying other than just memorizing questions. I think it can help build confidence in testing for the VTNE and really help cement information you might not truly have down. VTP helped me pass my VTNE and I think if you put the work in to complete it anyone can pass too.


I chose VetTechPrep because it was the most complete study system that allowed easier studying while working too. The ability to track my progress helped to know where I was with progression of being ready for the VTNE. I also really liked the PowerPages because I was able to print them and still sometimes reference them in the field as an R.V.T. Giving me the incorrectly answered questions multiple times until I got them right helped because I was able to learn from my mistakes and gain more knowledge.


I absolutely feel like VetTechPrep was a major influence in my passing the VTNE. I loved the fact that even if I got an answer wrong, there was a thorough explanation as to what the correct answer was, and the meaning of the other answers. I also felt like the PowerPages were very helpful reviews.


I am thankful that VetTechPrep is around to help us prepare for the VTNE®. The questions and answers were easier to understand and more in tune with the actual questions on the VTNE® than prep books. Thank you for also providing the PowerPages, they are excellent resources to have! The three month subscription is worth every penny and the best help that money can buy!


I sincerely believe VetTechPrep was a HUGE part of the reason I was successful on such a challenging exam.


The first time I took the VTNE I thought I was prepared, but when I sat down to take the test I realized I must have studied the wrong things. I decided to see if there was a different way of studying and I found VetTechPrep online. I thought it was worth a try. I tried it and I felt that the course helped me be better prepared for the VTNE. I passed the VTNE on my second try. I would highly recommend it to other students.


I was hesitant about spending the money for only a few month subscription, however once I got started with the program I knew I had made the right decision, the PowerPages were excellent resources offering quick review of subjects from school. The questions were incredibly similar to the real test, which helped make the VTNE not seem so foreign, I HIGHLY recommend them!! Passed the test the first time just like they promised.


VetTechPrep is great. I had failed the exam 3x prior, only by a few questions each time. It was very discouraging. The questions and explanations are really good. Some of the questions are written very close to the actual questions on the exam. I definitely feel if I had heard about it before I took the exam the 1st time I would have definitely passed. Thank you VetTechPrep! I have recommended it to everyone I know who will be taking it.


VetTechPrep was by far the most fun and effective program. I loved the question/explanation based format. It was so easy to log in and do a few review questions or to sit down and focus on the timed exams. The PowerPages were also very concise and helpful. Although I wished I had signed up earlier, I am happy to say that I passed the VTNE and felt well prepared. I highly recommend VetTechPrep. Thank You!



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